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Core Certification Examinations
Core certification - For each application, you can obtain Core Certification. This is your basic certification that shows proficiency in the subject matter and is available individually for all applications. For example, you can get certified in solid and liquid dosage forms development or process validation Core Certification (75 hours).
Expert Certification
Expert Certification - Course canidates can obtain Expert Certification immediately after passing the core certification. The Expert Certification can be obtained for individual courses as preparation towards your Master Certification (150 hours)
Master Certification
The Master Certification is obtained by initially obtaining Expert Certification and Core Certification in a specific dosage form curriculum. For example a Master Formulator is capable of designing all aspects of a drug delivery system from pre-formulation through biostudy to full size commercial plant validation of the new product (300 - 450 hours ; course dependent)
Course Certification & Accreditation Benefits for Companies
Certification, serves as a guarantee that the individual has gained the necessary competency in certain job-related drug development skills. The IAGIM Drug Institute Tutorial Certification assures that the employee will be a productive informed member of the organization from day one without months in years in in-house training.
Course Certification and Accreditation & Tuturial Payments.

Specialist Certification for IAGIM drug development candidates must pass one or more written certification exams. Specialist exams are developed and validated by US and EU industry experts and supervised by the IAGIM Association Drug Research Commission. R&D log books and library reading logs are critical for course accreditation. Courses must be fully paid up for course work to be accredited and all course logs and workbooks supplied by IAGIM to be returned prior to the final deadline. Where students fail to hand in accreditation tutorial course work no prepaid tutorial fees paid are refundable.

In the special case of SP students (where special syllabus are designed for private students). Cancellations after 60 days from initial tutorial payments are non-refundable (due to creation of SP individual tutorial syllabus as well as holding of student position).

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IAGIM Drug Formulation and Development
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IAGIM Drug Formulation and Development  

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