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Locum International Group (LIG) offers IAGIM Research Association members and pharmaceutical online readers the opportunity to subscribers to our current R&D pipeline state-of-the-art know-how, FD&C product technology and services with respect to the food and beverage industry covering global on-site audits, PAI findings and in-depth documentation analysis of our scientific research and investigative cGMP auditors.

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Int. J. of Food & Wine cGMP / R&D

International Journal of Food & Wine R&D
International Journal of Wine Research & Technology
International Journal of Food & Wine cGMP


Worldwide Journal Distribution per Journal

Eight Issues: Zone I - US & Canada
Eight Issues : Zone II - Western & Eastern Europe
Eight Issues : Zone III - Asia & Pacific Rim Countries

The BIG Glass Manufacture Cover-up (Consol Specialty Glass, an AVI Group Subsidiary & OWEN ILLINOIS US Failed Technology) - (Review # 01)
Chronic Hot-end Failures in the RSA Glass Industry for Pharmaceutical, Food and Wine glass bottles and containers using Owen Illinois USA Unproved and Unvalidated Technology. - (Review # 02)
A massive GMP Line Failure at Consol Glass using OB (Owen Illinois-USA) Technology - A Six Year Research Investigation on Failed Glass Manufacturing Technology (Review # 03)
Chaos at Consol RSA Glass Manufacturing Industry (an 80% Anglovaal Industries subsidiary)- Internal treatment of (glass) ware, three year's extended failures on eleven freon puffing production lines over a six year period. An Exhaustive internal Audit Case Study and Impact Analysis. - (Review # 04)
Owen Brockway RSA Technology Transfer of Internal Treatment for Glassware - A TOTAL Failure - (05)
The "Anti-Blooming experiment" that went disastrously wrong for three years impacting the food, wine and medical industry - (Review # 06)
Failures using 132 A gas at Consol Glass - RSA using an unvalidated O&B USA Technology. An IQ, OQ and PQ case study that wasn't. - (Review # 07)
How Anglovaal Industries sidestepped their moral and ethical responsibilities in failed Consol Glass Fluorine Gas IT Technology - (Review # 08)
Consol Glass Manufacturing Failed Bottle Batch Lots - Using A failed OWEN-BROCKWAY Untried and Untested Joint Venture Technology.... that Ignored to Carry Out an Essential HAZOP Study - (Review # 09)

Anglovaal's delinquent inertia to react and correct Consol Glass's unvalidated and erratic internal IT fluorine treatment of glass containers for the food, wine, MCC champagne and pharmaceutical industries - regardless of available in-house company data. - (Review # 10)

Owen Brockway & Consol Glass Violate US FDA FD&C Regulations (Review # 11)
Careless Adverts - What Consol Glass advertisements don't tell the Food and Pharmaceutical and Beverage Consumers - The Dangers of Their Glassware and their Uncontrolled Technology - (Review #12)
Erin Brockovich II - What Consol Glass advertisements don't tell the public - toxic residues, damaged glass, glass spicules, inside etching in food wines and baby foods - supported by Consol's own quality Control Documentation. CONSOL Glass written QC policy - is quite simple - If its Damaged Goods - Sell It!
(Consol's references) - (13)
Fluorine 'Poisoned' Consol Manufactured Wine Bottles? - How Consol and Owen Illinois USA are covering up a Dangerous Unvalidated Manufacturing Technology - (Review # 14)
Consol Glass RSA Licensee of Owen Illinois - marketing Policy is Simple - Market and Sell Out-of-Specification Ware - An Clear and Present Danger to Public Health - (Review # 15)
The Technology Transfer Process - Lessons to be learned - An Urgent Need for New FDA EU and ICH Guidelines - To Protect The Global Public Health - (Review # 16)
Using the Wrong Gas Owen Illinois Neglected HAZOP Study - 134A vs. 152A- (Review # 17)
A Failed ' Fluorine Puffing ' Process that bypassed an Essential HAZOP Study - (18)
Is OWEN-ILLINOIS (Owen Brockway) Transfer Technology Safe and in Control? - (Review # 19)
Absent AUDIT Procedures in OB Illinois Glass Technology. - (Review # 20)
Technology gone dangerously wrong! - OB Illinois USA - The World's Largest Glass Container manufacturers for Pharmaceutical, Foods, Wine, Champagne and Beverages - (Review # 21)
Antiblooming Fluorine Treatment causes yeast inactivation plaque problems in wine bottles -
a six year research study - (Review #22)
Technology Tie-up between Consol Glass and Owen Brockway USA - Both Sharing a FAILED TECHNOLOGY - That Placed Factory, Staff and Line Workers at a Dangerously High Health Risk (Review #23)
Total Technology Failures at Consol Pharmaceutical and Baby foods Glassware Manufacturing
(Review # 24)
Anti-Blooming OB Illinois Technology Failures - An Owen Illinois' Faulty Know-how Exported out of the USA (Review # 25)
The Owen Brockway-Owen Illinois - Consol Speciality Glass, an AVI Group Subsidary Fights to Cover-up and conceal a Dangerous Technology Gone Haywire - (Review # 26)
Consol & Owen Brockway's Supreme Court Fight to Hide the Truth of Their Combined Failed Technology - (Review # 27)
A Consol Glass Disaster - Technology that killed the RSA MCC Wine Export Industry - (Review # 28)
Impact on the Pharmaceutical Food and Wine Industry of unvalidated Freon gas treatment process for glass containers - An International three year HAZOP Study - (Review #29)
Who Pays For The Damages to the RSA MCC Wine Industry? An independent auditor's viewpoint and audit figures - (Review # 30)
Audit Review MCC Wine Industry - Consol Speciality Glass Flawed Technology ruins K.W.V. MCC Production?
Consol Glass Technology destroys Pierre Jordans, Boschendal, Vergelegen, KWV, Distell, Pongratz, J.C.Le Roux prize winning RSA "Champagne MCC" Wines as well as a successful EXPORT INDUSTRY. (Review # 31)
How AngloVaal Industries Limited MD Angus Band dropped the 'Glass' ball and killed the RSA Export Industry to Europe and Abroad - (Review # 32)
AngloVaal Industries Ltd Consol glass division (AVI's) unvalidated 'seesaw process' with 152A, 134A and again 152A high temperature Freon gas treatment of glass containers from baby foods, wine to infusion drip bottles - a detailed technical review - (Review # 33)

International Journal of Food & Wine R&D
International Journal of Wine Research & Technology
International Journal of
Food & Wine cGMP


Worldwide Journal Distribution per Journal

Eight Issues
: Zone I
- US & Canada

Eight Issues : Zone II - Western & Eastern Europe

Eight Issues : Zone III - Asia & Pacific Rim Countries


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