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IAIM Global Online Drug Development Workshops --
Online IAEI Pharmaceutical Workshops

Workshop Directors - Drs Jeremy D Block / Pat A West / Carol Frost

These online workshops courses (3 to 15 days) are open to pharmaceutical technicians and graduates who wish to advance their academic background by acquiring advanced specialist knowledge of pharmaceutical drug development areas (from Advanced dosage forms to end product commercial process validation)

Per course day : 4 x 45 min - 55 min live Lectures (via Skype VOIP) with PDF downloads and Power Point presentation (course modules) plus 4 x 25 min Q&A sessions plus 30 - 45 min individual assessment and end-of-day overall summary.
Voice Presentation - ' You hear and see the presentation similtaneously '
Skype VOIP allows course attendees to hear and see the lecturer/presentation in real time as the attendees work similtaneously with the PDF and Powerpoint attachments (course modules) emailed to each course member. During each presentation the attendee is guided through each course module by the lecturer/presenter who can be heard in real time over the computer speakers (for many attendees) or individual headphones.

Workshop Presentations
IAGIM provides technical workshops via multiple software presentations in various electronic formats as used today on the international distance learning forums. We provide you with course material, quick references, detail PDF files, notes and tips in the course modules. Everything you need to increase your depth of understanding while retaining the information you need to be successful. The course modules are yours to keep and review over-and-over again. IAGIM's pre-assessments are designed to show you where you need to focus, and post assessments that prove you've understood the selected course material.
FDA & EC Level Course Material
Preparation of FDA and EU (ANDA and EU Dossier) know-how level. Courses include pharmaceutical formulation, process and manufacture procedures, active substances and Development and Expert Reports. At IAGIM e-Learning Center we want to make sure you gain the skills you need to succeed in today's fast paced technical world. With our distance learning courses we're so confident that you can gain the necessary skills to succeed that our certification programs are guaranteed for successful end results
VOIP, Real-Time audible lectures, PDF, Power Point, e-mail, IPOD lectures and Online Procedures
These online workshops courses utilizes real-time VOIP lectures. These real-time lectures are supplemented with PDF slides and flowcharts, Power Point presentations in the course modules. e-mail questions and answers, IPOD downloadable lectures and multiple online real-time lecture presentation via skype voice over Internet technology
Our distance learning courses and workshops are:
Internet and VOIP based making them easy to use. All of the lessons are complete with course notes, charts, graphs and tabulations, with no pertinent development data left out of the course modules. All the courses are designed to allow you to learn at your own pace. Quickly learn the technology you need to learn and master your job required skills and know-how.
Incorporates built-in Flowcharts, Graphs, Spectra. Tabulations, Check Lists and Dos and Don'ts Lists
Manages the essential workshop know-how by incorporating the above tutorial procedures in the course modules
The best part about IAGIM distance learning is that you can study from your office or home, at your own pace from the comfort of your own chair. We are dedicated to providing the medical and pharaceutical professional the highest level of distance learning training and certification / accreditation materials the drug and medical development industry has to offer. e-learning at IAGIM Center offers extensive training packages on all aspects of drug development and all online pharamaceutical courses provide students with a current industry recognized course certification.
IAGIM Global Online Drug Development Workshops
IAGIM Global Online Drug Development Workshops
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