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The International Drug Development Association's
'Pay-As-You-Use' Credit System.

for multiple small purchases

Ever wanted to buy drug development know-how or state-of-the-art innovative or generic data on a regular basis but have been put off by membership fees, contracts, and the high cost of making small know-how transactions using international credit cards or bank checks?

is designed for regular clients, subscribers or users who make small monthly purchases in the region of $100 to $500, and wish to save the high administrative costs of multiple credit card transactions. It is also designed for large purchases giving up to 50% added value to your purchase.

PAY-AS-YOU-USE service is like an electronic telephone card, allowing you to 'Save-as-you-Pay'. You buy your credit and use it on small purchases over an unlimited period of time.
You can purchase various levels, either $500 ; $750 or $1000 of e-credit. Your actual purchase value in goods grows to $550 ; $825 or $1100 respectively.
$5000 ; $10 000 or $15 000 of e-credit. Your actual purchase value in goods grows to $5500 ; $12 000 or $20 000 respectively. Larger prepayment amounts and extra value up to 50% bonus may be obtained by contacting IAGIM Association

PAY-AS-YOU-USE is a surprisingly easy way to get your own drug development know-how quickly and rapidly Online in electronic PDF format. What's more it puts you in total control of what you want to spend and when you want to spend it!

There's no contract to sign, no monthly bills or statements and no commitment. Everything is controlled in one simple electronic credit - It is designed to buy many small technology items over a long period for regular online clients. It cannot be used for purchases over $250.

PAY-AS-YOU-USE puts you in control of how much you spend. Just pay for technology development, data, SOPs, protocols, assays or publications by buying credit points or future top-ups.
To make life even easier you can choose to top-up over our 24 hour e-mail HOTLINE.

Fax or e-mail - Name, Cedit Card number & Expiry date on company letterhead. State your credit maximum required (either $500, $750 or $1000 etc.) For larger amounts use a check.
IAGIM faxes you your Pay-As-You-Use number and your purchasing credit immediately grows by an extra 10% - 33% - 50% in added bonus value.
Purchase your requirement for immediate electronic PDF delivery. That's all - and top-up your credit anytime when it is used up.

Designed for the purchase of any Drug Development Data or Locum International Publication (Print & Electronic) between $500 and $15 000 for regular customers.

Purchase credit amount in advance and obtain extra bonus value.The more you purchase the greater the extra value. Receive up to a maximum of 50% additional purchasing power.

Allows you to purchase just one minor item (say a $50 SOP) or a major CMC without the expense of preparing international checks or credit card hassles. thus avoiding administrative costs and obtaining up to 50% in additional R&D value.

Unused credit is valid indefinitely and fully transferable to any local or overseas company.

IAGIM - Global Leaders in Generic & Innovative Drug Research

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