IAGIM - Drug Development Association

Drug Development Association


Joint venture partnership drug development programs with eighteen European nations under the auspices of IAGIM Drug Development Association ( Current President - Dr J D Block (Ref: CV)
IAGIM and the FDA Maryland get together designing an active ingredient search engine as a Joint Venture Project - highlighting all the primary manufacturers and site locations of all the world's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturers, with a drug substance and site DMF. Displays up to 60 lines of data per search (open) and up to 120 lines in the IAGIM CENTER. Databases updated four times per year.
IVIVC - Pilot Biostudies - Joint Venture
IAGIM and University of Maryland get together designing a IVIVC-Bio Pilot Joint Venture Project - highlighting all the do's and don'ts, tips & traps in performing IVIVC Biostudies.
Global Pharmaceutical Drug Identification
Color; Shape and Size Identification Chart - US Tablets and Capsules identified by brand name, color, score, size, shape, and printing or embossing with side-by-side color pictures. To be extended to EC and other countries. An Ongoing IAGIM 5 year Project.
New Research Companies & Institutions
IAGIM and its research divisions invite and process the applications of new manufacturing and development companies or research orientated institutions after a thorough vetting and validation procedure. (Registration, license, GMP certification, trade, brochure and press references are used in the validation and protection of IAGIM IP and copyright process) [form] [Link]. - LocumGroup revalidates and qualifies all IAGIM memberships annually as a routine procedure.


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