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H/B Vol 7/Ed 18 - 2018
H/B Vol 7/Ed 19 - 2019
H/B Vol 7/Ed 20 - 2020
H/B Vol 7/Ed 21 - 2021
H/B Vol 7/Ed 22 - 2022
H/B Vol 7/Ed 23 - 2023
H/B Vol 7/Ed 24 - 2024

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Handbook Generic Development
Oral IR Suspensions

A Two Part Development to Final Production Handbook

Locum International Press

Volume 07 - (Complete Handbook in Two Parts)
of the 24 Volume Drug Development Series

This definitive Handbook of Pharmaceutical Generic Development is an essential workbook covering the full CMC & Bio and RA sections of normal oral suspension and Suspension for Reconstitution. TOC for US and EU eCTD and CTD.

Part Two (Product development with detailed commercial and state-of-the-art formula provides essential know-how technology on all aspects of formatting and documentation and OGD regulatory know-how that is essential for a successful review for a FDA approval, saving queue-time and money.

Over five years in preparation and claimed as the world's most authoritative and definitive work available on oral dosage form drug development from a generic industry viewpoint. An essential reference for development pharmacists, R&D chemists, QA/QC and regulatory personnel.

Key development know-how on Oral Suspensions and Suspensions for Reconstitution directed to professional developers to understand the nuts-and-bolts on Generic DEVELOPMENT to produce flawless file

Development pharmacists, R&D chemists and scientists in pharmaceutical companies and university departments, in the areas of innovative, new drugs and generic drug development, QA / QC. validation and regulatory personnel.

Complete Volume in two parts 1690-1850 pp. Part 1 and 2 fully illustrated with diagrams, flow charts, graphs, side-by-side comparisons, tables in b/w & color. Available in print (spiral soft cover) or via digital CD (multi-users require additinal optional license).Split volume attract a 25% handling and broken volume charge to split the two part volume. ISBN: 0793-0032 / 0793-0033

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