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H/B Vol 24/Ed 19 - 2019
H/B Vol 24/Ed 20 - 2020
H/B Vol 24/Ed 21 - 2021
H/B Vol 24/Ed 22 - 2022
H/B Vol 24/Ed 23 - 2023
H/B Vol 24/Ed 24 - 2024
H/B Vol 24/Ed 25 - 2025
H/B Vol 24/Ed 26 - 2026

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Handbook Generic Development
Oral IR / CR / MR / DR / Chew Tablets
A SIX Part Development To Final Production Handbook
All Tablet and All Capsule dosage forms - COMBO PACK

Locum International Press.

Volume 24 (IR / Chew / CR / MR / DR TABS)
24 Volume Drug Development Series

Availability Print - (Five Dosage forms)

A brand new combined six part drug development volume from the word's most authoritative and acclaimed drug development publishers. Published in six parts as a fully comprehensive Volume 24, which includes, all solid oral dosage forms for both Tablets, Caplets and Capsules.

This major Handbook of Pharmaceutical Drug Development is a practical hands-on workbook covering all aspects of solid oral drug development forms in immediate, chew, modified and delayed release oral tablets and capsules. Designed for pharmaceutical and analytical development researchers who need to know all up-to-date aspects of modern drug development including active material specifications, analytical, scale-up, production, cleaning and key hands-on details of process, analytical and bio and end-product validation.

An Essential Reference for Development Pharmacists, R&D Chemists, QA/QC and Regulatory personnel. Each and every document, protocol and procedure in Part IV - VI is expertly referenced to the appropriate module number in the CTD / e-CTD system thus providing a fully seamless and effortless integration into either US, EU and Asian application files and dossier. All IAGIM technology is purposely and uniquely dove-tailed in regulatory drug product applications - worldwide applications are made simple and precise to be clearly understood by all developers.

Pharmaceutical drug development modern cost effective technology providing current know-how for the initial development steps through formulation, dissolution, scale-up, process optimization and qualification; stability, pivotal (bio) and final end product validation batches; including analytical, cleaning and process validation. SOPs, checklists, Do's and Don'ts and flowcharts included.

Critical and essential documentation including legal and regulatory know-how that is essential for a first time successful review for a generic approval, saving months of development time and lost market sales.

Essential development and submission know-how covering immediate and extended/delayed release oral tablets for the professional drug developer to fully understand the nuts-and-bolts of all forms of tablet drug development with a high-tech integrated formulation charts, unique and advanced developmental procedures, active and excipient formulation charts, procedural flowcharts, decision trees, comparative tables, development and validation SOPs, protocols, checklists and much more.

Complete Volume +5000 pp for Parts 1 to 6 fully illustrated with diagrams, graphs, tables in b/w & color as a complete COMBO volume of six handbook parts for Oral Dosage Tablets and Capsules.

ISSN: 0793-7763 / 0793-7764

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Volume 14 and Volume 16 contents are similar but Vol 24 (Six handbooks) has added additional sections and chapters and graphics to cover both the Tablets, Caplet and Capsules dosage forms.

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