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Promotes the development and sharing of practical drug development knowledge and technology by agency and industry experts alike.

The world's most definitive & authoritative current generic drug development series available.

"very satisfactory - a truly excellent series"- LEK dd.

Great analytical, process validations and protocol - our system uses these workable models - TEVA US

The handbook meets our validation needs from analytical to final product - IVAX

Vol, Edition # and Pub. Year.

H/B Vol 13/Ed 18 - 2018
H/B Vol 13/Ed 19 - 2019
H/B Vol 13/Ed 20 - 2020
H/B Vol 13/Ed 21 - 2021
H/B Vol 13/Ed 22 - 2022
H/B Vol 13/Ed 23 - 2023
H/B Vol 13/Ed 24 - 2024

New Updated Edition Annually

Handbook Generic Development
Analytical Methods
HPLC SI Generic Drug Assays (Part I - 5)
A Five Part Series

Locum International Press.

Advanced Level Volume 13E
- (Parts I - 5)
24 Volume Drug Development Series.

Over five years in preparation and claimed as the world's most authoritative and definitive work available on analytical methodology of drug development from a generic industry's viewpoint.

An Essential Reference for development pharmacists, method developers, R&D chemists, QA/QC and regulatory personnel. Advanced biopharma glatiramer acetate analytical methodogy impurities and molecular weight indicating methodology using S12 gel filtration and reverse HPLC techniques adjusting for moisture.

HPLC, UV and GC detailed step-by-step stability indicating methods of current US and EU commercial generic drug products . Essential analytical validation know-how on assays, dissolution and impurity profiles knowhow of the most important drugs of the 21 millennium.

Designed for professional generic analytical HPLC method developers to understand the nuts-and-bolts on generic method development with a high-tech detailed working procedures and state-of-the-art methodology.

Complete Volume up to ~1900 pp for Part 1 to 5 fully illustrated with diagrams, graphs, tables in b/w & color as a complete volume of four parts).

ISSN: 0793-7756 / 0793-7774

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