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By far the world's most definitive & authoritative current ophthalmic drug development volume available.

"No development unit should be without it" - Pliva

We are sorry that this world
leader in ophthalmic R&D
development was not in print 15 years ago for our staff - ALCON

An amazing publication in absolute ophthalmic excellence - Merck Co Inc NY USA

Compulsory reading for our R&D, QA QC RA and formulation/prod units - Bausch & Lomb UK Limited

Thank you for Vol 8, PI+PII absolutely state-of-the art in every shape and form - Merck Sharp & Dohme

Our company purchased the entire 24 vol Handbook Series and we find Vol 8 absolutely outstanding - it contains so much detail - Pliva Pharma

By far the best R&D formulation book in our large library - Allergan Ltd

Your handbook taught us today's ophthalmic sterile technology - Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Money very well spent on your ophthalmic Hand-book, thank you - UCB Pharma Ltd

A truly great publication - and a best seller, a flagship in your series- Pharmacia

Vol, Edition # and Pub. Year.

H/B Vol 8/Ed 18 - 2018
H/B Vol 8/Ed 19 - 2019
H/B Vol 8/Ed 20 - 2020
H/B Vol 8/Ed 21 - 2021
H/B Vol 8/Ed 22 - 2022
H/B Vol 8/Ed 23 - 2023
H/B Vol 8/Ed 24 - 2024

New Updated Edition Annually

Handbook Generic Development
Sterile Eye and Nose Preparations
A Two Part Development To Final Production Handbook

Locum International Press

Volume 09 (Complete Handbook in Two Parts)
of the 24 Volume Drug Development Series.

This lastest two part authoritative Handbook of Pharmaceutical Generic Development is a practical hands-on workbook packed with all the formula specifications and manufacturing procedures, batch-lot qualification, scale-up stages to full sized batches with all necessary process specifications and validation protocols and procedures covering the A-Z preparation steps for the creation of profesional CTD/ANDA sections for the manufacture of Sterile Eye & Nose Preparations (ophthalmic drops, solutions and suspensions and sterile nasal solutions, sprays and drops.)

Extensive coverage of sterile validation protocols from washing machines, steam sterilizers and lyophilizers. Current advances in pharmaceutical, formulations, legal and regulatory development approaches by industry and agency experts that is needed to know for the development of these specialized sterile dosage forms.

Details advanced formula development and sterile process validation, including validation protocols and checklists of all the major sterile cleaning equipment and manufacturing processes, HVAC utilities and appropriate sterilization procedures and equipment

Includes the required pharmaceutical legal and regulatory CTD/ANDA module development know-how providing essential development technology on Sterile Eye & Sterile Nose Preparations for professional top level developers to understand the nuts-and-bolts on Sterile Generic Q1Q2 FDA mandated development in order to produce high-tech detailed CTD/ANDAs. Explains in precise details the FDA inactive ingredient database on how to use this formulation database in sterile Eye & Sterile Nose formulations. Including key Tips and Traps to avoid. Highlights design and formulation concepts using the innovator's RLD via simple reverse-engeneering procedures and challenge tests.

Provides full production formulas and actual manufacturing process documentation for both ophthalmic and nasal drops and solutions of top branded popular commercial products such as Timolol, Naphazoline, Tetrahydrozoline (Visine), Dorzolamide, Zylometazoline nasal drops and Flunisolide nasal solution.

Every document that goes into a CTD/ANDA product is explained in clear precise English incorporating FDA prior-approved document examples on how to structure the necessary documentation - and what to include and what to omit.

Complete Volume in two parts 1990-2000 pp. Part 1 and 2 fully illustrated and annotated with diagrams, flow charts, formula, graphs, spectra, side-by-side comparisons, tables in b/w & color. Available in print (spiral soft cover opens flat) or via digital CD (multi-users require additinal optional license). Split volume attract a 25% handling and broken volume charge to split the two part volume.

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